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Sunny Hills Civc Association is a common area in the Sunny Hills MSBU assesment unit  according to the county Ordinance 2001-4 and Washington County is miss-using the MSBU assesment Fee that it is collecting from the Sunny Hills community for only County governmental services and county benefits.


Just What does the MSBU, pay to provide? Just look : County roads resurfacing, county road bond debt, county fire service, county maintance, County salary, county beauitifcations, county landscraping, county road side grass cutting, and (2) general benefits provided that is illegal to do using an assessment fee.

The court stated that "Special assessments can only be levied to pay for an improvement local in character, as distinguished from general ... and the proceeds thereof cannot be used to augment the general revenue fund nor to finance a separate and distinct improvement project, nor to create a sinking fund for the payment of bonds." The benefit must “be special and peculiar to the property assessed and not a general benefit to the entire community. Thus, services which are provided by a government may be essential to the public welfare but fail to provide the special benefit necessary for the imposition of a valid assessment.

Accoriding to State law this is an illegal use of assessment funds in the State of Florida and a uncontitutional collections of funds. So, Why is this happening?

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