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Sunny Hills, Florida  32428
Sunny Hills Civic Association, Inc.


Civic Association Membership Meetings every 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00pm

Boat Lake Season Passes will be available for the entire season!

Closed when Gate is Locked

        SHCA Membership        Meeting and Dinner

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More information about Sunny Hills...

Sunny Hills 

The Sunny Hills Community was platted in 1971 and 1972 as a community for about 60,000 residents on 24,301 residential lots. Its land area is about 28 square miles (17,743 acres) and is almost 5% of the land area in Washington County. With 220 miles of roads, it has 55% of all the paved roads in the county. Currently there are 630 homes in the Community and about 1,400 people. In the master plan there are 3,829 acres of greenbelts and natural preserves, about 400 acres for commercial development, as well as provisions for churches, schools, and parks. Currently, the Sunny Hills Golf & Country Club operates an 18-hole highly acclaimed golf course. 

The Sunny Hills Civic Association

The Sunny Hills Civic Association, Inc., was originally incorporated in 1974 to promote and sponsor the special and civic interests of the property owners and/or residents and is non-political and non-partisan in nature.  The Civic Association is not a homeowners association.  It operates through a Board of Directors with 7 members with four officers and three directors who are also chairs for the , Parks Committee, Membership Committee, and the Community Information Committee.  Officers and directors serve two-year terms that are staggered so that 3 or 4 positions stand for election by the membership every year, and all positions have a two consecutive terms limitation.


The Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU)

The MSBU was formed by County Ordinance 2001-4 on September 5, 2001, to provide funds for Special Benefits and services within the approximately 28 square mile Benefit Unit (Sunny Hills and Oak Hill Subdivisions).         Historically, Washington County has been a poor rural county so the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) had more requirements than funds, and since Sunny Hills represented few votes, the basic needs were not met by the BOCC for years. The original survey of property owners indicated the assessment funds should be invested in expanded community fire and emergency service, street lights, road maintenance and right-of-general beautification on all roads and parks, and mowing the rights-of-way 8 to 10 times per year rather than only twice as provided by the county.


 SHCA Newsletter

The Association publishes a monthly newsletter entitled “The Sunny Hills Newsletter” that goes to all homes within Sunny Hills and to selected distribution points like the Golf Course, Deltona office, Sunny Hills Library, D.R. Horton office, and the Nextdoor app. Advertisers are welcome to put an ad in the newsletter each month or annually. Ads for community public information are free.

Removed the broken sidewalk from the beach area, repaired and replaced picnic tables, removed the large stump, repaired parking lot barriers, trimmed trees, cleaned restrooms, and completed other repairs and replacements to accommodate the beginning of the 2024 Boat Lake season.

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