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Boat Lake Swim Park

         Boat Lake is owned and operated by the Sunny Hills Civic Association.  The park is open to the public for your enjoyment when the gate is unlocked. We will close the Park on bad weather days. Read the signs for all operational information about Park opening and closing times. The park is located on 44 acres overlooking beautiful Boat Lake with white sand beaches, crystal clear water with a hard white sand bottom.

   The park has 20 picnic tables, 16 BBQ grills, swings, slide, merry-go-round, monkey bars, benches, a 20 x 25 pavilion, horse shoe pits, beach volley ball, restrooms, showers, and snack house all sitting under rustic live oak trees. Pavilion can be rented for parties, weddings, family reunions or whatever's.



Rules & Regulations

Boat Lake

1.  Persons authorized entrance and use of the Boat Lake facilities by the Association with a Boat Lake or facility rental agreement are invitees of the Association.

2. Invitees must sign in for Day Pass guests or display their Season Pass to attendant.

3. No alcoholic beverages brought into or consumed on premises.   

4.  No nudity, thongs, or sexual expression offensive to general public standards or deemed acceptable by the Association.

5.  Persons less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by adult supervision at all times while at the facility.

6.  No pets allowed in the Boat Lake facilities.  Use of facilities is on a 1st come 1st served basis except for the pavilion that may be rented for exclusive use.  Electrical connections and water taps are provided as a convenience to be shared between users, with the exception of the pavilion if rented to a private party.

7.  No glass containers beyond the paved parking area.

9.  No fishing within the swimming beach areas from shore, on or in the water.  No vehicles or boats operated within the beach and swimming areas.  No food or beverages in the water.

10.  The facility is closed when the front gate is locked at any time of the year.

11.  All fires must be contained within grills and ground fires are never permitted.  All fires must be extinguished after use with ashes to be left in the grill.

12.  Use of the facilities is solely at the risk of the pass holder, and the Association makes no representations as to the safety of such uses.


Admissions Cost

Admission To Public

Day Pass: $                        Season Pass: $

Adult:  $5.00                       $30.00

Kids:    $3.00                       $20.00

Child: 0-4 Free

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 Adult:  $ 5.00                   Adult: $40.00
   Kids:  $3.00                      Kids: $20.00
               Child 4 and under :   FREE


    We now accept         major Credit Cards 

and phone pay

Tentative Boat Lake 2023 Season Schedule:                      Spring Break Open Dates: March 18th, 19th, 25th & 26th April 15th - May 14th: Weekends only.                                 Beginning May 15th: Open Daily through August                  August:To be Determined                                              September: Weekends only                                               September 30th: Last Day of the season

                 BOAT LAKE    

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